It is more than a restaurant, It is the perfect place to food lovers if you are looking for an incredible gastronomic experience and also have a good time, Martirio Bar Its where noon meets the Sevillians sun set while enjoying some drinks with you Friends.

Experience our innovative concept of spanish traditional cuisine with nuances of international flavor

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The Good Eating

Since our opening in July 2020, we have become a reference restaurant between the neighbourhood of Triana and Los Remedios just a few minutes away from the city center of Seville. We are well recognized for our gastronomic proposal, our breakfasts and our cocktail menu under the motto of “The Good eating”.

Martirio Bar is a team with more than 25 years of experience in this industry that began this project with an innovative concept of traditional spanish cuisine  with nuances of flavor from international cuisine such as Asian, Indian or Mexican.

We take care of each element that takes place our dishes from its preparation in our open-concept kitchen integrated into the restaurant using local products to the final presentation at our clients.

We are committed to daily fresh and quality products, that is why we  make our own sourdough loaf bread everyday that we serve in our restaurant  and in our take away orders.

Martirio Bar is more than a restaurant, it is a gastronomic experience where our clients eat and have a good time all at the same time. Where  noon meets the sun set, and you go from ordering a coffee after having lunch to ask for some drinks while saying many times to your friends ” Let´s have one more drink and go home”.


At Martirio Bar we cook only with local products, respecting the food´s original flavor emphasizing vegetables. That is why our menu is seasonal, giving prominence to different seasonal products throughout the year.

In our open-concept kitchens, we bring a cosmopolitan and international spark to al lof our dishes.

Do not miss out on trying our most wanted dishes such as Gilda, Zamburiña or pan hojaldrado and for dessert, our homemade cheese cake.

Martirio Bar

A recognized establishment

We have been recognized in the category of best opening of the year 2020 by the Next Gastro platform, and now Martirio Bar is in the spotlight of trendy places in Los Remedios next to the Guadalquivir river and in the heart of Seville.

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